Saturday, April 26, 2008

31 Flavors of Goodness

Ta Da! We're counting down until the opening of the market - so exciting.

We're just finishing up a few things, packing all of our goodies and waiting for next Saturday. We counted up all of our soaps and were shocked to realize that we had made 31 different kinds of soaps. This year, we'll even have "Soaps with their own sweaters" - but you'll have to come down to the market to see that one.

We've continued a lot of the favorite soaps but we have some new ones that are going to fly off the shelves. Lots more being planned, but they'll get introduced every few weeks (we don't want to completely overwhelm you!).

A custom order for 100 baskets came the other day and we're beyond excited at that. We get to choose colors, scents and what goes in the basket - how fun is that? So along with market prep we're filling orders and trying to get all the bags made and dreaming up new things and it just never stops.

Plus, we're celebrating our 1,000+ visit on our blog from over 45 countries - that's amazing. We really should commemorate the occasion - hmmmmmm...maybe another soap? Green Tea and Cucumber maybe? The Dance of the Kumquat soap came out beautifully and scent is so lovely, just like we thought it would be.

So keep your emails coming - we're here and if you're in the area next Saturday, stop on by the market and say hi. We'll have lots of edible goodies as well and believe me, we're getting very creative in that department:)

Splurge Sisters

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