Monday, January 14, 2008

Jar. Bottle. Container.

We're just never happy with the way things are - are we? Case in point - our containers. Every year we search all over the world for the newest and most innovative containers - there are entire companies devoted to just containers - and we love searching through websites and catalogs. This month we're zeroing in on the perfect lotion container. Apparently the data suggests that lotion 'pumps' are out, so we're searching for the ideal lotion container that you can slip into your purse and will dispense drop after drop of our lotion. You'd think it was easy, but there are DOZENS of designs and colors to choose from. Then there are new designs for new labels and it goes around and around.

So that's where we are this week, the world of containers and labels - and what a fun world it is.

Happy Splurge Week.

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