Thursday, January 03, 2008


I confess. One of my favorite things to do is to just create. Usually I get a hint of an idea and just take it from there. Sometimes the idea works and sometimes I show it to someone I trust and they take it a step further. That's what happens with my writings. Last year I was asked to write articles for a small magazine - it's an ongoing contract and they contact me with deadlines. The first few were easy to toss out and the more I write professionally, the harder it gets and the more it simply becomes a discipline. I am learning that creativity demands a lot of discipline - at least for me it does. When I am faithful in the little things, it spills over into my writing, my creating, my art.

So this new season is about stepping outside of the box, no longer being safe in what we know we can do, but experimenting and pushing ourselves. Which always sounds better on paper than when you have to sweat it out.

Yesterday we went to one of our new favorite fabric stores and bought materials to experiment with. We got so excited in the store we completely overwhelmed the clerk. We collected colors and went wild - so today we'll start and see where it takes us. If it's a success, you could see it at the market. Regardless, it's the journey that is often the most fun part - arriving just sweetens it all.

Blessings, the Splurge Sisters in Sewing Madness.

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