Saturday, November 03, 2007

Refreshing Sprays...for your room? Or your body?

See? That's the question. These lovely little sprays can do double duty - without the harmful ingredients that are in most sprays these days (trust us - we know these things). We recently looked through a catalog sent out by a company that makes bath and body products. Their wording is brilliant. They even highlight their natural ingredients in a different color. But take a look at their un-natural ingredients - as my grandpa used to say "that'll put hair on your chest".

Not us though. No no no. When we say natural, we mean natural. After all, we use all the products ourselves and we'd like to keep hair off our chests (sorry grandpa).

Following in the natural line, we've created even more Refreshing Sprays. Along with the popular scents we've added new ones! There will probably be one or two more added after that, but seriously people - we're running out of room.

So there you go. A few sprays to throw into your purse, knapsack, gym bag etc. They are clean scented and extremely refreshing. Naturally.

the sisters

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