Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Organic Lip Butter

Oh yum. This organic lip butter glides on your lips and makes them oh so soft. All natural ingredients with no color, scent or fragrance and VEGAN - that's right...Natural organic vegan lip butter. How often do you see that?

We went out for a little shopping excursion today to see what the 'big stores' were selling. We were consistently amazed at the synthetic scent of the products. We focused on items we sell since we know them best. Looking through labels of items that were called natural was mind blowing. A word to the wise - read your labels. Now all items must have a preservative - but are they paraben and formaldehyde free? That's major and something that is really important to us.

We've went to several shops and didn't find anything even remotely natural or natural smelling.

But then again - this blog isn't about them - it's all about Splurge!!

Along with our organic lip butter, we came up with fizzing bath salts - and they are so fun. Sometimes a bath bombe is just too big - and you don't want to get a hammer out and start smashing the ball in half - so we kept the fun fizzing part and made salts. So moisturizing and you'll got lots of use out of one container.

We're so smart sometimes.

There's a few more treats to post before the weekend, so stay tuned and stay natural.

Note: We added a new photo of our refreshing sprays one post below. There are new scents added to the line up.

Splurge Sisters

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