Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Elegance of a Soy Wax Candle

Behold our new elegant candle in a completely recyclable glass container. There's a rubber lined stopper on the lid, so the uses after you've enjoyed the candle are endless.

This is a seriously-limited edition product and the reviews have been wonderful so far. We are so excited with these candles - we're in the midst of time-testing them and they are looking like a long, slow burning candle with a pure cotton wick.

Along with these glass jar candles, we'll still have all our regular travel tins of candles. We're up to 16 scents with the tin candles but no doubt that list will just keep growing.

In the days ahead we'll be giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes. We're hand painting tiny gift cards to tuck into your purchase (at no extra charge to you), it's just our small way of saying 'thank you'.


the splurge sisters

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Anonymous said...

Hey girls, Wow! Looks like your going non-stop. Those candles look so pretty, love the pink color - what other scents will you have in the glass? I am going to need about 150 wedding favors & those would be perfect - would you be able to have them ready for the big day?? I'll call you when we land. jn