Monday, October 29, 2007

Daring Bakers!

I've known about this group for awhile, and I finally got up my courage to sign up and join them! They are a group of bakers from around the world. A challenge is given once a month and we each have to re-create the item as best we can, write about it, photograph it and put it on our blog. Doesn't that sound exciting?? Previous challenges have been bagels, biscottis, bread, cakes etc.

So once a month, along with our regular updates, I'll be posting photos of my lovely creations. And if you live close by, you could even end up tasting them:)

As well, we have been working furiously on our new website and it's going to be breathtaking.

We've got some new soy candles ready to go, they are in beautiful glass jars. These are going to make exquisite gifts. We are only making a limited amount for the holidays, so get them early. We've fallen in love with these beauties already and they last a long, long time.

We're fine-tuning last minute details and we'll be starting the Christmas Craft Market circuit shortly. Let us know if you're in the area and you can come and have a sneak peek - plus we've always got some banana muffins or shortbread (or scones) baking - we'll just put on the teapot when we know you're coming.

Have a great week and keep checking for updates - we've got quite a bit to showcase.


the Splurge Sisters (who are now Daring Bakers:)

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Brilynn said...

Welcome to the Daring Bakers!