Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well...THAT Was Clever!!

Introducing our limited edition "Cuticle & Nail Stick" - an instant relief for dry cuticles & nails with Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter. For only $2.95 this cutie will moisturize dry areas on your hands (& even feet!).
Our Sore Muscle Balm all lined up waiting to be labelled.

Will our good ideas ever stop? I really don't think so. Along with this new edition to our family we've replenished our Sore Muscle Salve, candles & Rash Relief. And don't worry, we're staying true to our word and are enjoying every bit of our summer. Today we languished in the sun & picked wild blackberries in the backyard. Our apple, pear & plum trees are bursting with fruit and will be making an appearance in our yummy baking.

Drop by and visit us on Saturday, we're always happy to see you!

Splurge Sisters

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