Thursday, August 02, 2007

Soap Soap Soap

It's come to our attention that we have A LOT of soap! We keep making new ones and want to make more and more but I finally realized we're running out our room - so our solution - 3 soaps for $10.00!! What a deal!!

Check out the top 3 shelves of our soap display and choose any 3 soaps your heart desires. Compared to prices downtown (and yes we check out the competition) and even other vendors - it's a HUGE bargain. So stock up for fall, for Labor Day, for Thanksgiving...and soap it up!!

I've got a batch of sourdough in the oven as we speak (yes, it went in at 5am:), and this week we'll be featuring something new with 'ginger' in it - we've had lots of requests, so come on out and have a peek (and thanks E. for the wild compliments!!) I tried a test batch on her and she LOVED them.

So we'll see you on Saturday and don't forget your soap!

Splurge Sisters

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