Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to Basics.

Yup. That's our theme for the rest of the season - that and keeping it simple. We were away last week at camp. It suddenly dawns on you in the middle of an intense hike straight up a mountain what's important to you. We had packed very simply and only brought the necessities. We ate really simply and relied on fresh fruit, veggies & nuts. We kept late hours but had the best time - we had the energy of 12 year olds.

We did bring with us some of our amazing sea salt spa soap, our good moisturizer, and some body butter - and we were good to go.

So we've decided to focus on the basics and do what we do best - we're not going to compete, or compare or judge - we're just going to keep making wonderful products and make sure we enjoy every single minute we have. Sure, we could make more, create more and work outselves to the bone - but that's not what we're called to. And we're not going to 'keep up with the Jones' either'.

We're going to work hard, deliver a superior product and make sure we take time every day to stop and give thanks, to have a cup of tea, phone someone, give someone a hug or even just watch the grass grow.

So this week we'll have all of your favorites so drop by to visit or just drop by for a hug.

Blessings to you,

The Splurge Sisters

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