Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bagels? What? Seriously?

Well it's true. This week, there will be organic bagels. Last week I ended up making pain au chocolat's and they were sooooo popular!! I am convinced that anything with Callebaut chocolate in it works:)

So along with the breads and buns and all, will be my mouth watering bagels. (Last time I made bagels, we ate the entire batch before they were even cooled - they are that good.)

Along with all the other amazing things to get, you won't be stuck buying something for Father's Day. What dad doesn't love bagels? (Mine sure does:)

So wind, rain or shine we'll be there. Especially now that the tent is all dried out after last week's downpour - we're good to go. See you Saturday.

The Bagel-Making Splurge Sisters

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

those look super yummy! are they blueberry??