Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Are you living between the season of life?

Are you living between the seasons of your life?


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Fall is my favourite time of year.   It seems like most people love summer and I think each of the season has their beauty. Fall has always held this mystery to it, the majestic trees changing colours, the cooler weather, cozy nights, excuses for warm hot drinks, sitting by the fire, watching TV, layering sweaters.  What still brings a thrill to me after all these years is stomping on fallen leaves. That crunch beneath my feet takes me back to when I was a kid (see my post about kid like ways here and here ). The same excitement and glee still fills me with delight.
Walking takes on new meaning as new plants begin to stretch their limbs. September always brings about order. Kids are going back to school and college students are working towards degrees. Living near a university I often get a glimpse of that life as I make it part of my daily walks.  It wasn’t long ago that I I was there working in an advisory capacity (perhaps more on that in a future post). There is a bit of envy when I see students who seem bright eyed and bushy tailed as though the world is their oyster and I remember that feeling all too well when I was a student. Everything seemed possible. I know that it still is but life has marched on and I see things with new eyes and more wisdom and maybe a bit of cynicism.  There is still wonder in my soul and I treasure all the moments when it comes to the surface.

So instead of waiting for the next season to come, embrace the season that is and learn from it’s towering beauty.

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