Friday, June 19, 2015

Why Being a Kid is Okay

Cotton Candy Photo Credit: Michelle Somers

Day 6 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge

Often I’m thrilled by the simple things in life. Not sure if it’s to do with my upbringing or the fact that I am a passionate person and look through life with childlike eyes.  To this day I can’t resist cotton candy. Yup, I know it’s not good for me and really it’s just sugar but something about the colour and the smell of it brings me back to my childhood and Centre Island in Toronto. I remember the spot where they sold cotton candy.

Whenever I eat it I get the same thrill I did back then, the soft fluffy like texture, the sticky feeling between my fingers and the light sugary taste. 

It just makes me happy and takes me back to simpler times when the world wasn’t so fast paced.  This memory is so vivid as I bought a bag of cotton candy a week ago.

Sky Ride at Centre Island Photo Credit:

 Centre Island Maze Photo Credit: This was one of my favourite places to go because I loved trying to find my way out of this maze. If you want to read more about it click here.

I love lights especially at night and I just get a thrill out of driving around during Christmas time and seeing all the beautiful arrangements of lights on people’s homes. When you go downtown in Victoria you can see lights as well and it makes the city so pretty and romantic looking.

Rides are especially fun, I’m intrigued by the way certain things are made with almost a child’s fascination. I’m also a former teacher so curiosity is a natural by-product for me.

Watching the live air show at the Oak Bay Tea Party a few weeks ago.
Enjoying a proper cup of Earl Grey tea at the Oak Bay Tea Party.

Maybe that is why I like fairs of any kind or events where you might find a lot of kids. My sister more then once has remarked that the events we attend often have parents with kids running around but to me that doesn’t matter because we all deserve to experience this carefree, excited, full of energy and almost fearlessness that children seem to enjoy effortlessly.

So go ahead, I give you permission to express your inner child and not be afraid to do so.

When is the last time you did something a child would do? #IBN30

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