Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We've got a soap for that.

 I've been a sign painter for a long time and a soap maker even longer than that.  So whenever I had to wash out my brushes, I'd reach for one of our soaps and be really happy with the results.

One of the 'blooms' used to be a make up artist, so her make up brushes are impressive.  And again, whenever she washed her brushes, she'd use one of our soaps.

We never thought to sell them, they were just for our use.  In fact, I came up with the idea to put a hole in the middle of my brush soap, just so the soap would drain completely and stay firm.
And now our artist friends are asking what we use for our brushes, so we're letting them try our soap and as expected, they're loving it.

So we're going to be selling a very limited amount of "Brush Love Soap" (that's what I call it:) this year at the markets.  If you're looking for a natural soap for your brushes or anything else, just let us know - because with our 12 years of soap making experience, we've got a soap for that!

The Blooms

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