Monday, February 10, 2014

Renew. Refresh. Refocus.

There were no new years resolutions, fireworks or even a flipping over of a calendar page.  It was more like a slow percolation, slowing the ideas down and letting them simmer for a good long while.  And then quietly, the new ideas began pouring out and like a good cup of coffee, they were refreshing and allowed us to refocus.

We've decided to broaden our horizons and in the coming days you'll begin to see new ideas and renewed focus on our favorites.

All of this to say, even though February seems to be limping along on rain-soaked feet, there's a fire burning in the studio and we're thrilled to show you the results.  

You'll notice we'll blog more often, Facebook/Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will be hopping and as soon as a new creation is birthed, you'll be the first to see it.

So here's to the start of our twelfth year, we're so glad you'll be a part of the adventure.

Caron & Michelle
the Two Blooms


Jennifer Young said...

You two sound like you are doing great!!! Lovely post. Look very forward to hearing about what is coming! xo Jen

Andee @ said...

Congratulations on starting your 12th year! How amazing!