Friday, May 17, 2013

Sometimes Reaching for the Sky is Hard

Ever have one of those weeks where it seemed like everyone was getting ahead except you?  It seems like people got engaged or married, lost their final 50 pounds, got a promotion or won the lottery.  And it was all fine and I could be happy for each and every one of them and then one day this week it all sunk in and I was in "Pity Me Pines", also known as 'stay away from her, she's cranky'.

And you want to reach for the stars and most days you think you can.  And you stretch and you stand on your tippy toes and it feels like you are almost there - and then someone moves the sky and you realize you're never going to make it.  Or are you?

Here's where small mercies come in, and people completely unaware become the friends that lift you a little higher and say 'you can do it, I know you can'.  Or they bring you a chair and say 'here, step on this chair, I'll hold it while you reach'.  And its never the people you think its going to be.  And in my case, it was three friends I have never actually met.  We were thrown together rather tumultuously through someone we all knew.  It was to be a business venture, a camaraderie, a co-op of talent and product that would propel us all forward.  Only it turns out, one of us wasn't quite well enough to complete the journey, so the 5 of us quickly made introductions and decided we'd continue on.  These three ladies are in a different country and we didn't know any of them.  But over time, they've become the ones we turn to for advice, comfort, friendship and solace.  Through Facebook we sign on and start talking as if we'd grown up together.  It's a strategic friendship, but its also become our lifeline, because when we feel like we can't figure it out, one of the three chimes in and cheers us forward.

Life's funny like that isn't it?  You think its all falling apart, when in fact, its just re-arranging itself and showing you that it's not over yet.  Friendships are made in the oddest ways, but some were just meant to be and for that, we are eternally grateful.

So dear friends, when you get stuck mid-way and you've lost sight of whats ahead, I hope you have friends that can help to re-focus you in the best way they know how.  And to our three sisters/friends, please know, that some days - we couldn't do it without you and I hope in some small way, we can return the favour and hold the chair for you when you need to reach to the tippy top.

Here's to more days of reaching for the sky together,

Caron & Michelle

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The Soap Sister said...

What a lovely post. I'm so glad you received the support you needed, when you needed it! I am always impressed by you product line/photos...looks like you're certainly grabbing some of those stars you're reaching for! ;)
Take care.