Sunday, June 03, 2012

A new selection of products....

It's time to play catch up and post about new products we have made.

We worked with a local farmer and created a custom goat's milk soap using milk from Poppy (one of her goat's):

We were thrilled with how it turned out and her customers love it.

Awhile back I made a new salt soap that is just about sold out:

We used a Green Tea & Jasmine scent along with an essential oil blend.

Our Patchouli Vegan Luxury Soap is now ready:

We added a boutique local ale for a boost in suds.  You can find it here.  We don't have international posting listed in our shop but if you are interested send us an email.

We've added Pure Castile Liquid Soap to our product line:

1 oz Castile Pure Liquid Soap (unscented and great for those with sensitive skin, works great on your face and has a variety of uses) This size is not listed in our shop but if you are interested send us an email)
2 oz Castile Pure Liquid Soap which can be purchased from our shop.
We've created a heavenly must have perfume called 3 Notes:

Our 3 Notes Perfume Oil is a custom essential oil blend with warm, sweet and spicy notes. Our 100% aroma blend is infused with Vanilla and Clove. You can get your hands on one here.

We've brought back our Clean Green line of products:

This is one product we can't live without in our house.  

You can find this amazing all purpose wonder here

Looking for a natural laundry powder? Then we have you covered:

 Made from our soaps and lightly scented with orange essential oil.

This wonder product removes dirt, stains and odours.  Our eco friendly container provides you with about 10+ loads.  You can get yours here.

Love the scent of Green Tea & Jasmine? Then you'll love our new Enviro Spray:

This all-purpose deodorizer room spray helps kill bacteria in the air and combats stale odors. Also great as a bathroom air freshener, and an anti-bacterial spray for smelly shoes, pet bedding, sports gear, garbage cans, or musty closets.  Take one for a spin here.
Have a great week.

Two Blooms


Jennifer Young said...

That's a lotta awesome looking new products - WOW!!!!!!! Hope things are going wonderfully for you. xoxo Jen

Joanna Schmidt said...

I just think your soaps are the bee's knees. xo

Nitya said...

Great new products! Love the soap pictures!! :)

Michelle Somers said...


Thanks, now that we are in market season we've been making a lot of new products.


Thanks for the sweet comment. :)


Thank you, I love taking photos.


Celine Blacow said...

Good grief you have been busy!!! What a fantastic selection of products!

Michelle Somers said...


Thanks, it has been busy around here but keeps us on our toes.

Anne-Marie said...

Congrats! Your new products look fabulous and fresh!

Michelle Somers said...


Thank you :)

Amy Warden said...

Wow, these all look fantastic!! You guys certainly have been busy! I'm sure you'll sell lots!

Michelle Somers said...


Thanks, yes we have been busy.