Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cutting of Crema Soap, New Soaps, Gift set from Germany

We released our Crema Vegan Silk Luxury Soap commercial before holidays. Here is a video we made of cutting the soap (which contains RARE Victoria snow and vegan silk the first in Victoria)

In case you can't see a video here is the direct link.

 Crema Vegan Silk Luxury Soap is now on our Etsy site.

If you missed our commercial which shows the soap close up you can see it here.

The following soaps are now listed in our Etsy shop. International? No problem, just let us know via email and we can set up a custom listing for postage fees.

Cucina Coffee Exfoliating Vegan Soap with our pure essential oils blend & bamboo (perfect for deep cleansing & combating kitchen odours)

Citron Vegan Luxury Soap with pure essential oils, shea butter and clay for a decadent smooth bar.

Sweet Pea Goat's Milk Luxury Soap with Certified Sustainable Palm Oil and organic Aussie Clay

Today was a special day as we entered a contest awhile back on soapupyourlife's blog and won.  Sweet Angela's prize arrived today.

A lovely gift box from Angela (notice the cute card)

Here is a shot of the soaps unwrapped:

Counterclockwise:  Divine gummy bears from Germany, pretty crochet pot holders (these will be used right away), a purple crochet bracelet (behind the soaps), a mini cupcake soap, Ice Age Soap (lovely gradient layers), Fleur de Vanille (a Vanilla scent and notice the charming pink balls inside), Chess (the pattern on this is cool), Lemon curd (a nice swirl design). Each one came with an adorable ribbon and then a matching ribbon to close the clear bag.   We are looking SO forward to trying them out soon.  Thanks Angela for sending us such a generous gift. We were reminded of our wonderful trip to Heidelberg years ago.  We wish you much success.

We love hearing from you & answer them all!

Two Blooms


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Love the groovy music on your video!

Michelle Somers said...


Thanks :)


Angela said...

Michelle, It really was my pleasure and I am glad that you like my little gifts.
Hugs, Angela

Michelle Somers said...


Yes we are enjoying your lovely gift. The gummy bears were divine and I had the purple bracelet on the other day.