Saturday, April 21, 2012

Soap Challenge 5 Scent Blending

Week 5 of Great Cakes Soapworks challenge. This week was to create your own scent blend using essential or fragrance oils.  We went with our proprietary Rosemary Mint essential oil blend but we tweaked it slightly for this challenge and added our proprietary blend as well.  Like the video we watched, it's a matter of scent preference and trial and error.  We took our usual blend and added scents from the same family and kept sniffing our way through.

It's a lot like cooking, you can give someone the recipe and they'll add all sorts of ingredients you never thought would work and yet it tastes delicious.

Thanks for the challenge Amy, it was a good refresher and motivated us to kick our scent blending skills into high gear, just in time for market season!

Rosemary Mint in the mold

Rosemary Mint Vegan Luxury Soap

This will be available May 21st. You can email us for pre orders.  Once it's ready we will list it on Etsy.

Two Blooms


lwal50 said...

Really, really gorgeous. I love your colours and blend. Definitely love your soap, xx Linda

mic said...

Wow, really really nice! Rosemary is one of my favourire scents too!

Celine Blacow said...

These are just lovely and I'm loving your photography too!

Amy Warden said...

And you did the peacock swirl!!! How cool is that?? Rosemary Mint with a twist. :)

Simple Pleasures Handmade Soap said...

That is stunning, I bet it smells as beautiful as it looks

Emma said...

Wow, this soap looks amazing! I really like the colors you swirled and the rosemary mint blend sounds so good. I LOVE USING ROSEMARY. Looks like a keeper!

Traci R said...

I am blown away by your peacock swirl! They look amazing.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Far out and groovy! As an owner of Peacocks I would say you've got that swirl down. Great job. And Rosemary EO? Becoming my new fav.

Michelle Somers said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. We had a lot of fun with this soap and it's 100% natural too so it will be part of our "Purely Natural" line of soaps.

Michelle and Caron

claudia mold said...

Beautiful colours!

Pam said...

Michelle so absolutely beautiful! The colors with your special blend work so well. Gorgeous work!

Michelle Somers said...

Claudi and Pam,

Thanks :)


Amy@10th Ave. said...

Oh, so very lovely!!! I'm in awe. Isn't a rosemary-mint blend wonderful? It's a recent favorite of mine.

Pipestone Soaps said...

Great Soap! ~Sacha

maty said...

great design.... congrats

Michelle Somers said...


Thanks yes this blend is great.

Piperstone Soaps,


Thank you :)


Thanks for the kind words.