Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soap Challenge 1

Our first Soap Challenge with Amy of Great Cake Soapworks was to create a soap using the 'in the pot swirl' technique.    We've swirled with 15 colours before but that was another technique. You can see the 15 swirl one here.   We can't remember how many swirls we have done before for the in the pot so stuck with 3 colours.

Here's some photos of how we did (don't ask why there wasn't a video:)

Thank you Amy, we're looking forward to weekly challenges (just in time for our market season!)

Even though it got a bit thick:), the finished bar is sublime:

Citron Vegan Luxury Soap with shea butter .  Contact us for pre-orders, this soap will be available May 2nd.

Citron Soap with citrus essential oils
Two Blooms


Amy Warden said...

I love how the white ended up in the bottom!! Very pretty soap! Love your little slide show too - sorry the video didn't work out, but this gives an excellent snapshot! said...

Lovely soap...

Glamour Girl Soap said...

What a pretty summery-looking soap! I love that white -so you use TD? I've never tried it, but I sure do love that look -great job! :)

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Thanks Amy, Natalia and Becky.


I went to your page but didn't see a language translation.


Alegría Mediterráneo said...

I love this soap ,looks so yummiii...

Tina said...

Yes, this looks like a lemony soap just in time for these warm days. Very nice!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

The perfect warm weather soap. Looks so light it could float away and 15 layers you said you've done before??? I must see THAT video. Going to watch it now

twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Yes, I did use TD in part of the soap.


Thank you :)


Thanks, yes we were thinking it would be great for warm weather.


Thanks, no I didn't do a video of the 15 swirl one so I just have the pictures. It took a long time to make that one.