Monday, October 31, 2011

Naturalmente Mediterraneo (Jenora Soaps) Goodies


I had the chance to try Jenora's products and here are my thoughts.
Here is the package with a lovely handwritten note and her card, which is cool. 

Clockwise from top:  Aloe Vera Soap, Goat's Milk Soap, Lavender Bergamot Lip Balm, Wildflower Soap
The first one I used was the Goat's Milk which was my favourite of the three and I cut the bar in half so I could savour it at a later time.  It was smooth, moisturizing and a nice firm bar.

From top going clockwise:  Goat's Milk, Wildflower & Aloe Vera Soap, Lavender Bergamot Lip Balm
The colour of the Wildflower is a nice medium rose shade with delicate essential oils notes including Ylang Ylang.  The lip balm is soothing and glides on wonderfully and I enjoyed the combination of essential oils.  The Aloe Vera is a mild bar for delicate skin.

Aloe Vera Cream
 After reading her blog I wanted to try the Aloe Vera Cream with local aloe vera from her region.  Out of all the products this one is my favourite.  The essential oil blend is lovely with the first note of spearmint. It leaves your hands silky smooth. I've even tried it on my face and find it great for this time of year.

Cracklebread, they are delicious

Speaking of Jenora I bought these crackers and thought of her. Guess where they come from?

They are from Spain, how cool is that?  I wonder if Jen has tried them out.

Until next time,

Michelle of Two Blooms


Donna OShaughnessy said...

How nice of you to say such nice things about her ! Jens packaging is so awesome. Wish I was so neat and particular. Your photos are so crisp and clear. How do you DO that?!

twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Yes her wrapping is very neat. Thanks for the comment re my photos. Good lighting, shooting close up and working with an inexpensive camera help me get clear shots.