Friday, September 30, 2011

Hawaii & Anise Soaps and my new necklace


Another week has flown by quickly. I got a new desk I've been waiting for a few years and put it together tonight. It was a big job but can't wait to try it out. Add to that a new chair to go with my office desk. The chair is still in a box waiting to be assembled and that will happen another day.

I ran out of my Hawaii Soap so made more.  I forgot to take photos of the soap in the mold so here is the log.

Hawaii Vegan Artisan Soap Log

This reminds me of when I lived on the big island with it's scent of tuber roses growing rampant.  This soap has added shea butter.

Hawaii Vegan Artisan Soap cut bars
Hawaii Soap can be found here.

I also ran out of my Anise soap and whipped up another batch.

Anise & Fennel Vegan Soap with added poppy seeds
This soap can be found here.

The vendor who is next to us during our Saturday and Sunday market is Sue from Millenium Gemstones.  She has some wonderful jewelry and I have a few of her pieces. I have the bracelet that is on her main web page just under where it says We look forward to doing business with you. It's the bracelet on the top left corner below that line.

The necklace that stole my attention last week was this beautiful one made of glass beads. The colours caught my eye and I grabbed it before anyone else could buy it since it was one of a kind.  Sue makes unique original pieces and is willing to make custom designs or size pieces to fit you.

Glass Beads Necklace (it's hard to tell but the pink and purple beads look translucent in the sunlight
That's all for now.  We had our last Sunday market last week and our last Wednesday market. Now we are just at Moss Street Market on Saturdays until the end of October along with some Christmas shows.

Have a great week-end,

Michelle of Two Blooms Design Studio


Celine Blacow said...

Love the soaps and I really like that long narrow shape too. Beautiful necklace .. how great would those colours be in a soap too?

Jennifer Young said...

Ohhh.... anise fennell... I am imagining the fabulous scent... i am even thinking of throwing in some Basil EO in there which also smells liquorishy... Everything looks great! xo Jen

Julia said...

Realmente fantásticos, con esos aromas... me encantan.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

The anise fennel is like a Black Tie soap. Only for the best occasions. LOVE it as I love black licorice as well. (must everything relate to food ? Yes it must)

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words.


I translated Julia's from Spanish to English which means: Really fantastic, with those aromas… they enchant to me.