Thursday, June 02, 2011

Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap on it's side


I've had requests for shaving soap so decided to whip a batch using essential oils.   I used Vetiver, Clary Sage and a Two Blooms custom EO blend.

In the mold:

Shaving Soap in the mold

We added ground oatmeal for a light exfoliation and clay.  It reminded us of being in a cozy library so we called it Biblio.

Here are the cut bars:
Top View of Shaving Soap

Biblio Soap
I love how smooth is feels on my skin and it provides nice bubblage.

Two Blooms


The Soap Sister said...

This sounds like a great shaving soap!(and boy do I love a good shaving soap) I've never smelled Vetiver...I've heard of it, but that's about it. -Becky

twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Yes, I'm quite enjoying it. I gave some to friend of mine to try shaving on his face and he said it had great slip. Vetiver smells like a smokey fire or a bit like tobacco depending on where you get it. You only need a small amount.