Thursday, February 10, 2011

Palm Free Soap Experiments


Well I do love to experiment even though sometimes it drives my sister crazy. I can't help it that I like pushing the boundaries when it comes to soaping. Even when I sometimes hear something won't work I keep trying to see if it's possible. Where there is a will there is a way.

I created these 3 recipes and have had a chance to compare them all.

I forgot to include this photo in my original post:

Yellow and White Palm & Fragrance Free Soap

The most recent one I made was a yellow scent and palm free soap here:

So far this is my favourite recipe, it has castor oil and shea butter and I love how smooth it feels and the bubblage (like that made up word? I enjoy making up my own words) is great.

Prior to this I made a white fragrance and palm free soap:

For this one I added more then 30% coconut oil. For the majority of my recipes I use a lot less coconut oil because I soap with palm oil. This one is nice and firm and it has a superfat of 5%. I find it works great on my skin but it's not as smooth as the yellow one.

This palm free soap was made over a month ago. It's pink and fragrance free:

By accident I forgot to superfat this soap which is something I have never done. Surprisingly it still feels great and is the same recipe as the white bar. It's nice and firm due to the high coconut oil.

Just last week I made another palm free soap and tried a new recipe this time lowering my coconut amount. I tried a small amount on my hands even though it needs another 4-6 weeks to cure but it feels good on my skin. Will it beat out my favourite yellow soap recipe? Only time will tell.

Splurge Sisters


Teresa said...

They all look wonderful!
Keep experimenting!
Who wants to be a factory? ;-)

Jennifer Young said...

I absolutely LOVE palm free soaps. None of mine have palm oil any more. Love the look and simplicity of the smooth yellow one... xo Jen

Splurge Sisters said...


Thanks, your right I don't want to be a factory but my sister just wants us to have one recipe so I'm not switching up things all the time. I do have one main recipe that uses Palm oil but I'd also like to offer a few palm free alternatives as well. Plus I love tweaking my main recipe just to see what other possiblities might come up.


Thanks, I've used palm oil for a long time and I'm trying to find a palm free alternative that is as good as my palm bars. I'm getting very close. My sister prefers the feel of palm oil soaps and I'm still on the fence which I prefer as both types offer something different.

The Soap Sister said...

I wish you well with the palm free! I've done a palm free that was nice, but it just isn't the same as my recipe with palm oil...seems less creamy to me somehow...Jen's is great, though! Seems palmy, (there's a made-up word right back atcha':D) -even though it's palm free.

p.s. I love pf pink one.

Splurge Sisters said...

The Soap Sisters,

Oh I like the word palmy. So far I find palm free soaps lacking in feel but hoping to stumble onto the right combination. My yellow bar is the closest so far. I'm thinking if I up my shea amount that might do the trick.

Thanks re the pink soap.