Sunday, September 26, 2010

Soap Time

Here is Star of Wonder Vegan Glycerin Soap. The scent description is: White Ginger and Amber is a warm, sensual fragrance. Spicy ginger meets with amber and vanilla. A soft floral touch to magnificent base notes.

Tangerine Dream Vegan Glycerin Soap with shea butter:

I decided to make this bar for myself as I rather get the chance to do that. It is a custom combination of Fir, Cedar, Pine, Juniper Berry and Tangerine essential oil with added shea butter and dried hyssop is sprinkled on top. I'm going try this one and see how I like it but I'm thinking of trying out this size at my Saturday market as it's too cute. It reminds me of the scent of the West coast with a hint of citrus.

I have lots of soaps and candle ideas whirling about in my head so stay tuned.

Splurge Sisters

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