Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Soap Beauties

My Lavender Vegan Soap is ready to go and wrap for next Saturday. My older version of Lavender was glycerin based and this one is a cold process version. I tend to go back and forth between the two and I see benefits to both. With glycerin soap I can use less scent and I get a consistent bar no matter what scent I use. With cold process I get a more unique bar and the option to swirl or layer with less fuss. I do have to use more scent and the results can be unpredictable but both of them are fun to make.

Here is another batch of Mr. Lemongrass inspired by the ever talented Tiggy of Future Primitive since I only have about 5 bars left. Hoping I don't sell out before this one is ready to go but I have a lot of amazing soaps to keep customers happy.

Another view of Mr. Lemongrass on it's side:

I'm in that place that every soaper faces where you have stock you want to move to make room for new products. I have a list a mile long of new products I want to feature for Christmas but I only have so much room. I have my list broken down into "must have" products and "nice to have" products.

Until next time happy soaping.

Splurge Sisters


Anne-Marie said...

Wow, that Lemongrass soap looks fantastic. I especially love the striking line delineating the layers that you did. Lovely.

FooFooBerry said...


Thanks for the compliment. It's one of my favourites.