Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surf's Up 15 Luxury Soap

Surf's Up 15 Luxury Shea Butter Soap, This is a twist on our classic wildly popular Surf's Up. Infused with Splurge's custom blend of Spearmint and Rosemary essential oils, fair trade shea butter and luxurious oils this is a must have soap.

What makes this extra special? It's a 15 colour swirl soap (you guessed it, I combined 15 colours to get this one of a kind work of art). It's curing at the moment but by the end of June you will be able to purchase it here.

Stay tuned for our gorgeous Ocean soap coming up in the next post. That is if we don't whip up something else in the meantime.


1 comment:

Sergio said...

Very funny soap. 15 colours?? uauuu. Good job.
I love rosemary.