Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Believe!

There is nothing like having the Olympics in your backyard to motivate and inspire! Between the Opening Ceremony on Friday and being there all day yesterday - we feel inspired!!

And our news soaps will prove that - we have made 4 new soaps that are so beautiful, people are shocked at their beauty. We've been sending photos to a few clients and their feedback has been sensational - so we're continuing on.

More soaps, more of everything, with a nod to the Olympics and everything BC - we believe.

Just a few short months til we're back at the market, but we've been taking orders and our soaps are made in small batches to preserve their beauty and integrity - so if you happen to see something you like - order it fast, because like our athletes - they're going going gone!

Go Canada! Go Splurge!!

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