Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chaos, Weddings and Beauty

This picture signifies the title to me...well, not the wedding part...but beautiful chaos and how it all comes together.

You know I've mentioned before (oh really?:), that our studio is in a million pieces - boxes everywhere and frazzled nerves. Along with the heat wave we're in the midst of, creativity is low. In the midst of all of this...we received a call to make wedding baskets for an upcoming wedding. So we ran around and made heavenly body butters, luscious soy wax candles and a custom made soap to compliment the whole gift. We found natural fibre baskets and have them all wrapped up waiting to go.

All of this made us appreciate the small things in life and the kindness of strangers/friends. So whatever state you find yourself in this week, be thankful.


the splurge sisters

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