Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bathing Beauties

Behold the fizzing beauty.  These rotund darlings are just the thing to soothe away tired muscles and frazzled days.  We've brought these back in two flavors, Green Tea and Japanese Grapefruit - what a perfect gift for those who have everything.  And as one of our clients said today "it's just for me, because I deserve it."  So go ahead, throw caution to the wind and embrace the joys that these orbs deliver.

And thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by today, our FIRST DAY at the market.  It was so gratifying to see so many of our friends and even though the weather was...well, let's just say a little damp and cool - we were blown away by your warmth and kindness.  Here's to  a brilliant season.

the splurge sisters

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