Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cherry Blossoms and Vanilla Musk

This soap was inspired by the Cherry Blossoms in bloom EVERYWHERE and it means that spring is really here!

I wanted to call this Vanilla Musk soap "Bollywood" for the ornate colors and swirls but I don't think that will work. We're been trying so many new techniques and having just way too much fun. Only a few more weeks until the market starts. We have also made a Salt Spa Soap that leaves skin soooo smooth and the fresh scent lingers. Like the cherry blossoms, we've got soap popping up everywhere!

Stay Tuned.

the Splurge Sisters


Kirsten said...

Ooo, BOTH of these soaps look amazing and I'm sure smell fabulous,too!! I'll have to find you at the first market and grab some!!

Steven Brown said...

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