Monday, October 06, 2008


Last Saturday at the market had to be one of our most memorable and easily one of my most favorite. It rained and rained and somehow the rain made people want to shop and shop and shop which was fabulous. We had rigged up a tarp to go over the tent and it made us extra warm and toasty inside. Friends and fellow vendors came over and we had the best time. Seriously. We laughed so hard and had so much fun - next week will be rather tame I am afraid if there's no rain.

So yes, we'll be at the market again this Saturday. All of our products stayed dry so we didn't have any water damage at all - which is the best news of all. We're working on some amazing candles which I'll highlight in the coming weeks. Plus, with the winter season approaching, we will be at MORE craft shows this year than ever!

Now for the title of this message. We know imitation is a form of flattery - but lately it's been really obvious (and you know who you are:). So if you want to know what Christmas shows we're at - just send us an email and we'll tell you dates/times/locations...we're learning not to highlight too many of our accomplishments, or show off our newest creations since some are simply copying them and selling them. Ah well, life is too short and we're not stressing about it - we're just being wise.

So happy October and Happy Thanksgiving next week for the Canadians.


the splurge sisters

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