Saturday, May 31, 2008

Soap in a Sweater?

Yes, I realize our last two post titles have question marks - but seriously, soaps in a sweater? Yup. These hand made soaps are individually wrapped in a pure wool little sweater. Why you ask? So that when you reach for your little sweater bundle - you not only get our wonderful soap (preservative free) BUT you get a handy little scrubbie with it (that's where the sweater part comes in).

These handy little sweaters suds up the soap so well - you'll be amazed at the sudsing action going on. Once you're done - rinse off and your little sweater dries around your bar of soap - just waiting for you to return.

Isn't that a clever idea? We thought so. So even though it's hot and sunny out, your soap needs a sweater. Come check these out at the market - you'll be the talk of the neighborhood (or at least the shower-hood).

the splurge sisters

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