Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Soap Dilemma

Someone recently told me about some amazing soap they had bought for a really cheap price. Being the investigative reporter that I am, I had to check it out. Sure enough, the soap was cheap. I bought two bars and brought it home to investigate.

While purchasing the soap, a lady walking by began to RAVE AND RAVE AND RAVE about the soap in my hand. It's so cheap she said, it doesn't get mushy in the soap dish...on and on she went. By now, the perfume scent of the soap was starting to give me a headache but I went ahead and purchased the soap. I have purposely blurred the photo but you get the idea.

Bringing it home and examining the label gave little clues although it did say the soap was 'natural'. Which brings us to the soap dilemma. Yes, it was CHEAP but the scent is unnaturally perfume-y. I won't even tell you what I am thinking the ingredients are but there's a reason it doesn't get soft when left in water.

Splurge soap on the other hand - DOESN'T CONTAIN DETERGENT. We have visited all the commercial soap stores out there and MOST OF THEM USE DETERGENT in their soap. That's why the soap is cheap - detergent is cheap.

Yes, it may sound like I am on a soap box here (pun intended:), but our soap is made in tiny batches, air dried and uses the best natural & local ingredients around. We then wrap each bar by hand, label it and sell it with pride. Soap should get mushy when it gets left in a bowl of water - if it doesn't, I'd be worried.

So there you have it - we have just finished making a batch of soap using pure essential oils and the scent is so gentle and clean smelling. Not sure what we're going to do with the two soaps we just bought - I am thinking that if we leave it out near the rose bushes, the deer may stay away.

Remember, at Splurge - we're market fresh!

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