Saturday, February 23, 2008

Introducing the new Splurge 3:16 Bag Line

Ta-Da!!! Here's our prototype for the new line that we'll be promoting this year - part of the Splurge lifestyle. This is the largest size and inside it is fully padded and has two deep pockets (perfect for throwing in your laptop). There's a smaller size that we'll show as soon as it's finished.

We've got requests for orders already, so if you'd like one of the Splurge 3:16 bags - order early. Patterns vary, this bag is for someone who lives a raw/live food lifestyle - so it was only fitting that their bag have fresh fruits allover it!..

Lots more in store including some breathtaking packaging. We've hired a local Victoria artist who is hand painting packages of all kinds, including bath salts, which in turn can be used as a gift card.

We're starting to get very excited.

Splurge Sisters

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