Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wooooooo Hoooooo!

Where to begin??

Todays "Small Footprints Winter Market at UVIc" was a FABULOUS success! We sold out of so many products!! Thank you to everyone who came by on their lunch breaks or after work - you are so encouraging!! Thank you for all the nice compliments, for the great ideas and especially for buying up the place!:)

And the best news is - we got Splurge into a lovely little store in town!! We are so beyond excited with this news. Remember a few posts back we said we were going omnimedia?? Well, this is the first start.

So guess what we're up to? That's right, replenishing our stock for the upcoming Moss St Market in December AND filling store orders and filling mail orders - we're deliriously happy!! Plus we're catering, doing Live/Raw Food coaching and generally just enjoying life.

And just to confirm - the Vanilla Body Butter and Sugar Scrub sold out the quickest and then soy wax candles and soaps - people were buying soaps by the handfulls - we LOVED every single minute of our day. Lots to do, shelves to replenish, orders to fill - but we're happy.

We've got candied ginger shortbread baking non-stop, so let us know if you're near by -we've always got time to visit.

the splurge sisters

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