Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh it's Vanilla Baby!

Vanilla is taking this season by storm!! We are constantly selling out of all things vanilla - and what a selection we have to choose from. There is the Vanilla Body Butter with so many butters that you won't believe the feeling on your skin. The Vanilla Sugar Scrub which leaves skin feeling softer than soft. The new Vanilla Refreshing Spray (everyone is using them in so many different ways even we're amazed:), and our Vanilla Soy Wax Candles.

I agree - the scent is warm, intoxicating and somehow transports you to all things vanilla, calm and serene.

We're still making products up in small batches, by hand and with lots of love. And if you're wanting any of these Vanilla goodies - I am thinking you need to pick them up sooner than soon.

And we're getting ready to send baskets of our goodies off to some famous celebrities - we'll let you know their response as soon as we hear back.

Here's to the season of Vanilla,

Splurge Sisters

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