Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Berry Cute Caps

With the mere hint of cold weather, it seems everyone is wanting one of our Berry Cute Caps. Since they are hand knit, it seems every spare minute finds me with knitting needles in my hand. We will be taking orders for Christmas but since it's my fingers doing the knitting - there will only be a certain number of orders taken.

Plus, we've re-organized our table for the market - wait until you see it. Your first thought will be "oh, they've taken out some products" but in fact - WE'VE ADDED MORE!!! It's just all part of Set Designing for the Market 101:)

We were on Thetis Island yesterday and the weather was beautiful. Warm and sunny and a perfect day to relax and unwind. A few stops on the way home for fresh produce and we came home renewed and refreshed. So today has been a day to create and plan for the upcoming festive season (and yes, it does include chocolate).

So we've got a few more weeks at the market, come by and visit (especially to see the new table display:)

the Splurge Sisters

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