Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're Dreaming Big Dreams

So much to tell you - where shall I start?

We've been working overtime in the 'imagineering' department lately = and wait until you see what we've come up with!

Although the local Victoria market will be coming to a close in a few weeks, we're going strong with plans, visions, dreams and good things to come.

But first off, we have to share our good news. We always knew our sourdough bread was amazing - but a few weeks ago, a well known chef in Victoria called to place a special order of sourdough bread for an event they were catering. He then called back to say what a success it was!!

Wow! So throughout the year we'll be making our organic sour dough bread - minimum order is 2 loaves and yes we'll ship!:)

Plus we've been working with reed diffusers which look so elegant and cast an impressive yet subtle scent throughout a room.

New lip balms (wait until you see the containers:), new candle scents and a whole lot more.

I know it's still September - but it's feeling a lot like Christmas around here. Stay tuned and if you haven't tried our now 'Famous Organic Sour Dough' bread, just give us a call.

the Splurge Sisters

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Kirsten said...

I heartily agree that your sourdough bread is to die for!!!