Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh it's Summer Baby!!

Even though we're not sweltering here on the Wet Coast, it's still summer - and we're kicking it off with some new additions to our family!

Our foaming hand wash is getting rave reviews so we've added Sweet Blossom to the line up and the scent is breathtaking along with the fresh color.

Since it seems that a lot of our friends are having babies, we've added a Baby & Me bath kit which includes 2 bath mits, a tin of our famous Rash Relief and an unscented, uncolored bar of soap.

Our Salt Spa Soap bar is back in limited quantities - this soap is filled with a multitude of salts including dead sea salts - the scent is intoxicating and only appears once or twice a summer. As well as exfoliating, this soap leaves your skin whisper soft.

And for those quick trips to the beach, why not throw in one of our "to go" sizes of body butters. These petite butters have the same cocoa, shea & avocado butter as the regular size and come in "Green Tea" & "Pure Rose". We only have a limited number of these portable butters, so when they're gone - they're gone:)

There's a few other treats coming, but you'll have to come by and see them for yourself.

Happy Birthday Canada - we Love you!!

Splurge Sisters

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Jennifer said...

Ooh la la! I love the little body butters, what a great idea! And the baby kits adorable. Cant wait to check it all out tomorrow! Rain or shine I know you'll be there..
kiss, kiss,