Monday, May 07, 2007

Unscented & Secret Sale Starts

We had our first Saturday at Moss St Market and it was FABULOUS!! Thank you to all our returning customers who came by to welcome us back - plus we love being beside our good friends at Forward Thinking Foods.

We made the unscented line even bigger this year and we got great feedback from you all. Plus our clients like the fact that we're local and our product hasn't sat on a shelf in a warehouse for 6 months before getting to them. If you haven't checked out the unscenteds - make sure you do this weekend.

Plus this weekend we're starting the "Stock up for the Summer Soap Sale" - stop by for details. You'll also notice that we're offering all of our luscious body butters for only $9.99! This is an amazing deal and won't last long!

We're working overtime to make more fresh body butter and maybe adding a new candle or two?

Happy spring!

Splurge Sisters

1 comment:

Sarah-Aubrey said...

Arg! I wish I knew about this blog earlier...I definitely would have ordered something for my wee marm for mother's day.

I'll keep this in mind for Christmas, however...