Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watermelons & Strawberries

It's been a busy winter knitting up a whole harvest of berry caps. Several custom orders came in including the adorable watermelon and strawberry in the photo.

These were adult sizes. They were ordered for someone with cancer who had lost their hair. These two added to her collection of an eggplant cap I knit last year.

I love hearing stories of where my berry caps end up. Sometimes I see the caps on kids and can identify my work. Others get mailed to England, Australia, the US and especially Ontario and Quebec. One order was for two blueberry caps for twin boys whose parents owned a blueberry farm!

A lot of work goes into knitting just one little cap along with a lot of love and care. A few years ago I was tempted to knit them up on a knitting machine, but the final product just wasn't me. So even though it takes hours and hours to make one cap - I know that they have love knit up in them!

The Splurge Sisters

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Sarah-Aubrey said...

Hey. Wasn't I supposed to get one of these?

Don't worry, I'm not seriously offended. Andrew's been waiting for a scarf I said I would knit him back in...December.