Monday, April 16, 2007

The Bath BomBom Debate

Fizzy Greetings to all,

Well the bath bombom debate continues. After extensive research this weekend - we're still undecided. We've always offered the classic round shape but this Christmas we introduced the aerodynamically designed bath droplet. The small hole in the droplet assures millions of bubbles are released while at the same time, the soothing green tea oil is dispersed throughout the warm bath water.

The result: a calming, relaxing and tranquil bath. With the addition of organic green tea, the result is perfection. Instead of dropping a giant bath bombe into your bath, you can control the amount. Plus, with the bath droplets you can drop a few into a foot bath or even drop one into a small bowl to soak your hands.

Any thoughts?

Bubbling with Enthusiasm,

the Splurge Sisters

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You girls rock!! We all LOVE the bath droplets - bath bombs are so 'yesterday'. Keep up the good work - your fans at UVic.